Where should LeBron James go?

According to what moral theory? 

Still, to me the answer is obvious, though no one seems to even discuss my idea.  He should go to the Los Angeles Lakers.  For a one-year contract, zero pay, if he can't convince the Lakers to pay the luxury tax.  Better yet, make zero pay part of the PR in an age where viewers are sick of huge corporate bonuses for non-winning CEOs.  This way he would learn the ways of a winning organization, which he needs to do, and very likely win a title immediately. He would convince Phil Jackson to return for another year.  Most of his income comes from endorsements anyway, so he doesn't need the salary, plus the title and Los Angeles exposure would make his name more valuable.  He would get "credit" for the title (does anyone these days complain that Magic Johnson never won a title without Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?  No.)  He could play fewer minutes and extend his career and keep his stamina intact for the playoffs.  The next year he could move on or he might even decide to stay, pairing with Gasol and Bynum for years, while Kobe slides into a sixth man role.  Since he has had good health, he could buy an insurance policy to protect against career-ending injury.

The idea of pairing James with Wade and Bosh seems to me extremely misguided: LeBron, please read Ludwig Lachmann's Capital and its Structure!


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