Where should LeBron James go?

According to what moral theory? 

Still, to me the answer is obvious, though no one seems to even discuss my idea.  He should go to the Los Angeles Lakers.  For a one-year contract, zero pay, if he can't convince the Lakers to pay the luxury tax.  Better yet, make zero pay part of the PR in an age where viewers are sick of huge corporate bonuses for non-winning CEOs.  This way he would learn the ways of a winning organization, which he needs to do, and very likely win a title immediately. He would convince Phil Jackson to return for another year.  Most of his income comes from endorsements anyway, so he doesn't need the salary, plus the title and Los Angeles exposure would make his name more valuable.  He would get "credit" for the title (does anyone these days complain that Magic Johnson never won a title without Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?  No.)  He could play fewer minutes and extend his career and keep his stamina intact for the playoffs.  The next year he could move on or he might even decide to stay, pairing with Gasol and Bynum for years, while Kobe slides into a sixth man role.  Since he has had good health, he could buy an insurance policy to protect against career-ending injury.

The idea of pairing James with Wade and Bosh seems to me extremely misguided: LeBron, please read Ludwig Lachmann's Capital and its Structure!


i totally agree, just cuz i'm a laker fan! :D

I entirely agree that he should sign a short term contract. Game by game might be optimal, though I don't know the relevant NBA restrictions. Why, when he already wealthy beyond the point of highly diminished marginal returns, would he sacrifice the freedom to play with and be coached by whom he wants in exchange for some additional financial guarantees? If he really wants to show he is the greatest, how about going to a different team for each of the next ten years and winning each a championship (not that it is likely to happen)? Imagine the attention when every summer he is a free agent.

'Instead of modeling himself after Michael Jordan, he should mimic Steve Jobs'
from 'The Discount Dynasty' here

Who else should get zero pay?

Why the Lakers instead of the Celtics?

Tyler, I like you, I like your blog, but please stop posting about the NBA, it just makes you look out of touch.

Egregious Lakers fan trolling.

LeBron is more like Clyde Drexler (albeit younger) than many of you would like to think. Drexler won his title by joining an already-championship club and subordinating his game. His reputation is much the stronger for having done that and, in retrospect, few consider his move to Houston as anything but a splendid idea.

1) The players' union would be unlikely to accept such a scenario.

2) You don't get credit for bringing a title to a team that has won them 2 out of the past 3 years.

Clyde Drexler's move was a homecoming and it worked. Going for the brass ring actually fails more often than it succeeds. Karl Malone looks like an ass for abandoning Utah to chase a title with the Lakers and failing. You're not considering the downside. How could the Lakers lose with Kobe, LeBron and Gasol? How could they lose in '04?
Bosh, Wade and James in Cleveland makes little sense, as well. People look at the Celtics and say "They just gathered together three superstars and won a title." But their supporting cast was much stronger than the Cavs'.

LeBron could play for a minimum contract, not for free. And the Players Union would lose their mind if that happened.

Also, the idea of Kobe moving to a 6th man role is hilarious.

being from Cleveland, I am voting for primitive tribal allegiance instead of moral theory. :(

"LeBron, please read Ludwig Lachmann's Capital and its Structure!"


This is simultaneously the funniest and best sentence I've ever read on this blog. LeBron's externalities continue to impress.

So many people taking an obvious troll post by Tyler as a serious one...

I agree with those who say he should stay in Cleveland. There is only one way for a superb player to join the basketball pantheon: win with the organization you started with (Wilt Chamberlain arguably an exception).

Lebron's lack of focus on willing his team to win this year has really hurt his reputation as one of the greats. Leaving Cleveland for some lame deal designed to enhance his endorsement value will lock him in to the second tier.

Comparisons to Drexler going to Houston or Karl Malone going to the Lakers are misplaced (they appear in the freakonomics post by Ayres suggesting the Lebron-to-LA move as well).

It often makes sense for stars that are substantially past their prime to take a slight paycut and be a third or fourth best player on a championship team. It's probably personally satisfying for veteran players chasing that goal for a career, and it also adds slightly (but not that much) to their legacy as players.

It is another thing for a 25 year old mvp to simply join the team that won the championship the previous year and then earn a reputation as a "winner" by being a name on their roster. The appropriate comparison would be Utah Jazz Malone joining Jordan's Bull's- or even better because Kobe and Lebron play basically the same position- Orlando-era Shaq joining Hakeem's Rockets after he lost to them in the finals.

My favorite writer (not just NBA), Sam Smith, posited this at the beginning of this season. http://www.nba.com/bulls/news/smith_091102.html He didn't advocate zero salary or a minimum salary though because LeBron has waaayyyy too big an ego to accept that (has The Chosen One tattooed on his back, calls himself the King, etc). He wants to max out now because the collective bargaining agreement will be renewed next year and wants the guaranteed $30 million for the 2015-2016 season which he probably wouldn't get after the CBA is changed. Also, posting about the NBA doesn't make you seem out of touch; I think it makes you seem more attuned to pop culture than other sports (especially baseball).

So far, nobody has acknowledged that the NBA is unwatchable. No D, no intrigue, no hustle, no story,


It looks like he may go to Miami.. It'll be interesting to see which stars ego is sacraficed.. This type of arrangement is no different than business is being run in every industry of our economy.. Teaming up with other powerhouses, forming alliances, affiliate marketing, etc. All of the players are willing to take a small hit in their profits, in order to win a championship.. Or at least that's the type of thinking we hope is being considered. Worked for the Celtics.
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this is a pretty absurd idea --- also absurd is that Kobe is anywhere close to becoming a "6th man"

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