Further German predictions about 2010

Everard Hustler, writing in 1910, predicted that in 2010 tuberculosis patients will conquer the disease by receiving shots of radium and by inhaling streams of radioactive air, with pipes running to their mouths and cloths tied tightly around their heads, and covering their eyes (the accompanying illustration is a good one), to make sure none of the radioactive air escapes.

He also predicted that a hostile nation could destroy the Berlin Rathaus using a beam of radium energy, shot from…a hovering zeppelin.

Radium: good to inject, good to inhale, bad to shoot at a tower from a zeppelin.  

That sounds odd, but radiation as a method of medicine starts in the 1920s and it uses the element of radium.   Modern chemotherapy does not arise until 1940, with the use of mustard gas.  Chemotherapy to attack tuberculosis starts in 1944.

Still, E.H. was not as perceptive as the guy who predicted the iPhone.


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