Markets in everything, personal services edition

Whom would you hire to perform this function?  A man or a woman?

A number of people have been hiring “virtual” assistants in lower-wage countries to do all the tasks in their life that don’t require a personal presence. Such assistants are found starting at a few bucks an hour…

Anyway, last weekend I was talking to an acquaintance about his use of such services. He has his assistant seducing women for him. His assistant, who is female and lives in India, logs onto his account on a popular dating site, browses profiles and (pretending to be him) makes connections with women on the site. She has e-mail conversations and arranges first dates. Then her employer reads the e-mail conversation and goes to the date.

The full story is here and for the pointer I thank the eagle-eyed KW.


Stop the ride; I want off!

The kind of personal assistant I would like to have would be a low cost engineer who would be willing to do a mock up of a patentable idea that I have.

In the US, we have low cost personal assitants: they're called teaching assistants or lab rats.

After a spot of e-matching, apparently “Nature has played her primordial melody, and this new person in your life has slipped easily through your funnel of cultural and biological criteria†. Snrfl.

Yes, we need mechanisms to get to know each other. Yes, it has always been difficult, and yes, if you are open minded, it's difficult to do this all over the world.

This clown is making it worse!

A surrogate seducer might be useful for middle-status men: at least it shows they are putting in some effort.

Not sure how it would work for the high-status crowd: both sides signal pretty efficiently, the deal is mostly sealed within 10 seconds.

I am using those kinds of services for some time now but task that are deemed legal and not acting as me. I got lucky because I found an effective assistant with less cost on my part. Anyway, for that situation, I will hire a woman, she knows to how to entice a fellow woman to come to a date without being naughty.

"Your call is very important to us. Please hold for the next available assistant. And I love you sweetie! While you wait, please enjoy our song..."

Talk about taking hiring illegal immigrants to a new level. You know that's what's coming next, Arizona law be damned:

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