The Chilean mine diet

The miners have lost about 10kg each after having survived on half a glass of milk and two mouthfuls of canned tuna every 48 hours until supplies ran out. They have been told to watch their weight so they will be able to squeeze through the narrow escape shaft that is being drilled, and given tape measures to ensure they keep their waists below 90cm.

The article is here; they are also being sent "games"; I wonder which ones?  There are many articles (Sp.) about the miners receiving solidarity from Chilean soccer players and institutions.  A formerly trapped Australian miner recommends that the trapped Chilean miners keep "a good sense of humor."  Right now they are gradually increasing their rations of cereal and hard-boiled eggs.


On Nightline last night, (Aug. 25) they mentioned they were sending in dominoes through the small little opening for the men to play with and packs of cards. But they have to use suck small containers that they have to send them pieces at a time. Like 3 dominoes in a canister and 1/3 a pack of cards bent to fit inside the containers. At least that's what they were showing.

I assume they will also be sending them vitamins something to ward off things scurvy.


They should also drop them down some drumsticks.

I hear they are trying not to tell them how long they will be there.

"We'll have you guys out of there in no time! Buuut here's a copy of Atlas Shrugged."

I have heard that buglers know if you can get your shoulders through an opening (e.g., a doggy door) you can get the rest through.

It took me a long time to figure out the typo in this sentence.

"I assume they will also be sending them vitamins something to ward off things scurvy."

Scurvy only strikes people subsisting on a high-carb agricultural diet. Two reasons why:

1) Animal products contain vitamin C, the most common one being unprocessed liver. It's fine if you eat it raw, boiled, etc., but it'll get lost if you process it into pate, liverwurst, etc.

2) Vitamin C depletion is due to an overload of glucose, which comes from carbs in the diet. Vitamin C and glucose are structurally very similar, and they use the same transporter to get around. There are only so many transporters, so more glucose means less vitamin C being transported. Vitamin C is water soluble, so cannot be stored in fat. If not used soon, it gets kicked out through the urine.

So as long as the miners are not bashing their system with glucose via carbs, they'll be fine. From the items listed above, it sounds good.

It's only when you eat a diet like the British navy did that you get scurvy -- they were eating almost nothing *but* sugar and starch. Biscuits, oats / porridge, raisins, treacle, sugar, etc.

Hope none of those miners have a "glandular problem," as that would make it impossible for them to lose weight.

National Entertainment Corp. will provide them unlimited broadband internet access to free porn and a licence to troll on every forum. We just now have to wonder if they will accept to be saved.

I hope they have managed to rig up a decent air exchange system if they are going to feed a bunch of guys on boiled eggs.

Really surprising!! did they manage to escape though the narrow shaft.

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