Is the Fed doing more than U.S. commentators are suggesting?

The FT consistently paints the recent Fed as being somewhat dovish.  Here is one example:

The Federal Reserve broke a taboo yesterday when it said quite baldly that inflation in the US is now below the level “consistent with its mandate”. In other words, it is too low. This is a very big statement for any central banker to make, since the greatest feather in their collective cap is that they successfully combated inflation after the 1970s debacle…Since that period, most central bankers have been careful to avoid any language which even hints that a rise in inflation is acceptable to them. I can certainly find no previous record of the FOMC saying that inflation is too low, so it was a jolt to see this stated so starkly in the Fed statement yesterday.

…Bernanke Fed may be even more dovish than the Alan Greenspan Fed of 2003, and that is saying quite a lot. However sympathetic you are to the need for further monetary easing (and actually I am towards the sympathetic end of the spectrum), it is not difficult to see why the dollar has been falling, and gold rising, in the markets today.


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