State-contingent price markets in everything

The Lucky Counter: the more tweets a product gets, the lower the price goes

The goods include "super soft merino cashmere, Japanese denim and an ultra light parka."

For the pointer I thank Josh Premuda.


I just finished writing a quick summary of Ken Wilber and Integral Philosophy for a colleague of mine, and so recently had in mind the idea that no one discipline can answer every aspect of a problem. When you read enough economics stuff (at least the more popular attempts, including discover your inner economist and freakonomics) you begin to think maybe economics can solve all our problems, or at least give us the explanation for a problem that may help us find a more appropriate tool for the job.

maybe that's a larger discussion, but my question tonight is this: when you say markets in everything do you mean literally that (i think you probably do), or do you actually think that markets ARE everything, or everything is markets? and if you were thinking about someone's internal subjective experience (a la meditation or therapy) do you think the mind and heart work in a way that could be understood with economics?

in other words, could a meditating monk apply principles of economics to his/her emotional/mental experience as an isolated thing, or can economics only help us in the connecting point between people's minds and the world around them?

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Really? I guess I should be frantically tweeting about Lamborghini Murcielagos.

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