Ten memorable Nigerian books

Natalie has been staying with us, so I have been searching for interesting reads on Nigeria; here is an account of ten important novels about the country.

I am told that on Lagos island rents can run $60-70k a year and have to be paid two years in advance.  Here is a short Rem Koolhaas video on Lagos.  Lagos may soon be the third largest city in the world, and yet other than informal buses the city has virtually no mass transit.  The traffic jams are legendary.  A journey to nearby Benin should only take three hours but now it can last days.

Some say that Nigeria is the largest user of motorcycles in the world; many hospitals in the country have a ward named after the motorcycles.  In Lagos, there is a recent partial ban on their use.

Here is a good article on the maturation of Nollywood.  Here is a good, regular source of information about Nigeria, namely 234Next.com.

Here is the renowned BBC Lagos special.


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