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A 15-month-old girl survived a fall from a seventh-floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after bouncing off a cafe awning and into the arms of a passerby, police said today.

The baby had been playing unsupervised with her four-year-old sister yesterday when she fell out of the window, a police spokesman said.

A young man saw the baby starting to fall and alerted his father, who raced into position, arms outstretched, to catch her after she hit the awning, the daily Le Parisien reported.

…The owner of the cafe, located at the foot of the block of flats in north-east Paris, said it was a stroke of luck he had decided to leave the awning open that afternoon.

"I usually close it to stop it catching fire as people tend to throw their cigarette butts on to it,"…

Here is more.  It seems that no adult was at home in the apartment.

Here is Montaigne's short essay on fortune.  The word "fortune" appears over 350 times in Montaigne's Essays.  


Curious that you'd be so terrified of today's election.

The little girl is lucky enough to have that man catch her on time, but even if there is no one there to catch her, the café awning had absorbed much of the impact and she can survive the fall. Anyway, the man deserves to be rewarded with his bravery and the parents should be reminded that they must not leave their children unattended by an adult.

That's what those frenchies get for not enacting mandatory child-safety windows that only open four inches like we have here in the US.

Is the post allegorical?

There's a funny joke about the football wide receiver who catches a baby falling from a window. Unfortunately, it's a visual sort of joke that cannot be described properly in words.

Though the expression "spiking the ball" might give you a hint.

It was a film from the mid-1970s. "Little people" or title like that. I think Truffaut was the director.

A two-year old tries to push a cat out the window and falls out himself, landing safely in the bushes below. It was a funny scene.

This event was on the BBC today with a brief interview iwth the "catcher" who turned out to be a doctor (about 50). The falling child was said to be an 18 mos-old BOY - off a balcony. His 3 year-old sister was also on the balcony and was prevented from climbing over by a neighbor who went out on the outside balcony. Naturally, the French are looking into charges !

The report on why the awning was not furled was just as interesting.

Is that a "different" tale?

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