My impression of the election results, from a great distance

There is an anti-gay backlash in Iowa and I don't see marijuana climbing the legalization hill, if it can't make it through current-day California.  We're seeing the high water mark for pot, as aging demographics do not favor the idea.  Just 32% of the Tea Party candidates won; admittedly that figure should be adjusted by the rate of incumbency (a lot of Tea Party candidates were challengers).  In any case, there was not a Tea Party tidal wave.  Sarah Palin as nominee is up a few points on, although I do not see why.  Haley Barbour is also up and Chris Christie is down considerably (why?).  Given that the Democrats did better than expected in the Senate, Obama's reelection chances look better now than they did a week ago.  The Republican strategy is not dominating in broad constituency, MSM-reported, "lots of scrutiny" races, even with an abysmal economy and a not so popular health care bill.  My mental model of Obama is that he will cut deals with the Republicans, even on (mostly) their terms, if indeed any deal is on the table.  I would be pleased if critics of the Obama presidency would indicate their managerial background and expertise, yet few do.  How many of them could manage a team of ten people with any success? 


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