Christmas gift card discounts

If you wish to buy a gift card from a store, at a discount, how big a discount can you get?

WalMart – 3%

Target – 4%

Home Depot – 7%

iTunes – 8%

Land's End – 9%

California Pizza Kitchen – 10%

Macy's, The Limited – 11%

Bath and Body Works – 13%

Lucky Brand Jeans – 15%

Mostly I am surprised that Macy's is so high and CPK is so low. 


Well, Macy's is a 11% discount on a 400% markup, so it's easy to afford for them.

Where should we send the gift card you were hinting for?

I just bought $100 of CPK cards at Costco for $80. They had several other restaurant chains at 20%. Your instincts were right.

You can sometimes use gift cards to buy gift cards. The topic gets discussed on some internet forums. The trick is then to "cash out" the final gift card, either by buying something you actually want or purchasing something that can be converted to cash.

I think it probably depends on where you're getting it - you might be able to get better discounts at a reseller like Most of the gift cards on sale there are currently sold at 15% off after mail-in rebates or after taking into account discounts off your next purchase, and even the lowest discount is 10% (which includes The Home Depot).

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