Markets in everything the culture that is Swiss

Earlier this year, in the wake of several studies, including one conducted by the Swiss government, that found that young teenagers had trouble finding suitably sized condoms, a company called Lamprecht AG started selling the Hotshot, a smaller-than-usual condom marketed to 13- to-15-year-olds.

The link is here and it leads you to the latest and 10th annual NYT Year in Ideas, a superb series from the beginning.


Smart marketing - now you can claim it's for your son.

Why not Little Squirt?

What is the signaling model of the young man that purchases this product?

Wouldn't this take away from the opportunity cost of having sex at such a young age? We claim to tell our kids not to have premarital sex, yet we create condoms to accommodate smaller than average teenage males? I remember an example given in one of my classes where I believe a middle school was having problems with young teenage girls getting pregnant, so the school officials decided to give condoms out to all of the students. A few months later the number of pregnant teenage girls rose dramatically as a result of the distribution of condoms. Thus, I believe the same or similar effect will happen with this product out on the market.

This is really disappointing to hear. Instead of teaching the right values and self control to our teenagers we tolerate them and give them what they want not want.

I wish I'd had these when I was young. I made the mistake of buying the "family size" to save money. Love, O Love, O Careless Love.

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