Important 2010 movies that weren’t released in most of the USA

These are the ones that are popping up most often on the "Best of 2010" lists, although some of them have earlier formal release dates, often because of Cannes.  Most of these have been shown only in New York and Los Angeles, but they all are likely to appear on Netflix and some are there already.

1. Valhalla Rising, an English-language but Danish production about early Scandinavian visitors to the New World.  It's violent and arty at the same time and it was one of my favorite movies of the year.

2. Vengeance: a good mix of French noir and Hong Kong action drama, with a dose of Memento, starring Johnny Halladay and set in Hong Kong and Macau.

3. Everyone Else (Alle Anderen): A German chronicle of a dysfunctional relationship between two young people on vacation, standing in for a story about Germany itself.  It asks whether the intelligent, indecisive Germans are simply aspiring to become thoughtless jerks.  A strong film, with a dose of Roissy. 

The ones I have not seen (not yet on Netflix) are:

4. Enter the Void, French, bombastic, receives very mixed reviews.

5. The Strange Case of Angelica, Portuguese, by a 102-year-old director.  I am likely to see this movie today.

6. Vincere, a Mussolini love story, has that been done before?

7. No One Knows About Persian Cats: The rock scene in Iran, by Bahman Ghobadi, who did the excellent "A Time for Drunken Horses."

8. Monsters: Northern Mexico, immigration, and visiting space aliens in a UK production; most people seem to like this one.

9. Secret Sunshine: A long Korean drama from 2007, which receives very strong reviews.


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