Markets in everything China fact of the day

With more Chinese people getting behind the wheel every day, traffic jams are a major headache in most cities but the gridlock has become an opportunity for some entrepreneurs who are offering an escape route – for a price.

Drivers who get stuck in traffic in some cities can now get on their mobile phones and call for a substitute to take their cars to their destinations while the frustrated drivers are whisked away on the back of a motorcycle.

Here is more and for the pointer I thank Serkan Kara.


I would definitely pay for this sometimes in the US. It might be a good business to start! But imagine the regulations and liabilities and hassles ... it'd be hell just to get a "motorcycle taxiing" license, and zipping through a traffic jam is a big no-no in most jurisdictions. No, it could never work here.

See! See how my entrepreneurial spirit is sapped before it even starts to pump through my bloodstream by a feeling of an impossible legal environment and suppressive system of endless rules?

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Roads that congested are a depression predictor.

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Car use has to be made so expensive (by taxes and congestion charges) that buses and trains become a viable alternative for almost everyone.

Andreas: perhaps it looks closer to what the US could have had were our cars and highway systems not so horrifically subsidized

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