Request for movie opinions

From DL, a loyal MR reader and correspondent and link sender: "Mine [request] would be: what movies have you seen recently and were they good or not? I have recently seen Black Swan, The King's Speech, The Fighter, Rabbit Hole, Casino Jack and Somewhere."

I wrote: "Aronofsky's *Black Swan* = *Red Shoes* + *Repulsion* + Cronenberg + Tchaikovsky + something else too."  Overwrought, but I liked it.  The King's Speech was an extremely well done hammy manipulation, tugging on all the right strings and targeting the American soft spot for Brits.  True Grit suggests the Coen brothers are more superficial than they seem, rather than the contrary; rewatch the original for a better time.  The rest remain below my watch threshold for now, though Somewhere is due to come to Fairfax.  Even good movies about boxing I don't seem able to enjoy.  Political biopics I never like.


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