A 1910 French prediction for education in the year 2000

You can click to enlarge the image.  Here are more French images from 1910 postcards, here are the German postcards, and for the pointer to the excellent links I thank Jules Sigall.


Follow the link to the Ladies Home Journal article of 1900 at the same site. A lot of surprisingly accurate stuff.

Everything to the left of the boy turning the crank on the book machine is identical to a foreign language classroom of mine growing up... this company appears to sell the stuff today - http://www.educationalmediallc.com/

Very good article, I like it, thank you

Monkeys with typewriters.

What I don't get is why is that pupil taking care of the machine? Does this mean that the work of mental enlightenment will be done from a student to another, because teachers are overwhelmed by the technology? Because if the latter supposition is correct, then I can sign up for online nursing masters degrees starting now.

I had the good fortune of seeing one of your neighbors, my cousin the other weekend at a family wedding.

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