Gas station tacos

R&R Tacqueria, 7894 Washington Blvd. (Rt.1); 410-799-0001, Elkridge, Maryland, 13 minutes north of the 495/95 intersection, look for the Shell sign.

This tacqueria is in a gas station, with two small counters and three chairs to sit on.  It is the best huarache I have eaten, ever, including in Mexico.  It is the best chile relleno I've had in the United States, ever.  They serve among the best Mexican soups I have had, ever, and I have been to Mexico almost twenty times.  I recommend the tacos al pastor as well.  At first Yana and Natasha were skeptics ("Sometimes you exaggerate about food") but now they are converts and the takeaways have vanished.  They even sell Mexican Coca-Cola and by the way the place is quite clean and nice, albeit cramped.

The highly intelligent proprietor is a former cargo pilot from Mexico City and speaks excellent English.  The restaurant is called R&R after the names of his two sons. 

For over twenty years I have sought such a place in the Washington, D.C. area and now I have one.  For over twenty years people have been asking me how can they scratch this itch and now I have an answer.  (The version of this post to appear on will have photos of the food.)

Via Jodi Ettenberg, The Wall Street Journal reports on gas station tacos.


Did you check the immigration papers of the "gas station" workers.

Might account for the quality and authenticity of the tacos.

In fact, that might be an interesting research study: correlate the quality of Mexican food to the number of immigration violations per establishment.

Do you think I could get a grant from DHS and the Julia Child Foundation?

Is that even considered in the DC area?

Here in Dallas, one of the more legendary places to get a great taco is a truck stop/car wash/taqueria called "Fuel City." A few years back, Texas Monthly even declared them the best tacos available anywhere in the Lone Star state.

Similarly in Martha Lake, Washington at the corner of 6th W and 164th is a small grocery in what appears to be a converted service station. A nook in the 164th facing side houses a separate business with an unknown name. The outside banner proclaims "Aca Las Tortas." Very tasty.

It's a fantastic place. I've been there a number of times-- it's been boosted by very favorable reviews on Yelp as well as Howard County food blogs. There is good food in Howard County, but much as Tyler points out in his area, it's often in rather unassuming places.

Driving up from South Carolina to Baltimore next week, seems like this will make a good dinner stop!

How are the beans and enchiladas?

It truly warms my heart that you appreciate Mexican Coca-Cola. I have been raving about it for more than a decade and get mostly blank stares. The good news is that it's now quite readily available, they even sell it at Home Depot!

The best tacos al pastor I have ever had were at a gas station as well.

Tacos gas stations and gas stations have something in common.

You can get gas from a Taco gas station's refried beans.

Better warn folks that this is a "slow-food" restaurant.
Yes, they cook to order. Worth the wait but you'll stand up and boy, does it get hot in there in the summer!

Mexican Coca-Cola is gross.

For my early 5 years in Slovakia, what I "missed most" about the USA was ...
good Mexican food.

Now that Tesco has a good international section, my house always has the jalapeños and tortillas and refried beans I love so much.

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