Is this our future the culture that is Japan markets in everything?

Since he was "discovered" in 1996, Tokuda has emerged as a major player in Japan's emerging adult movie genre known as "elder porn." He says he has appeared in more than 350 films such as "Prohibited Nursing" and "Maniac Training of Lolitas." In these scripts, Tokuda always gets the girl.

The films play upon well-documented Japanese male fantasies. In each, Tokuda plays a gray-haired master of sex who teaches his ways to an assortment of young nurses and secretaries. Whips and sex aides often factor in the plotlines.

Tokuda is 76 years old and he makes an average of one film a week.  It is estimated that "elder porn" now accounts for one-fifth of the Japanese adult film sector.

The article is here and for the pointer I thank Daniel Lippman.


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