*Treasure Islands*

The author is Nicholas Shaxson and the subtitle is Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens, excerpt:

The Cayman Islands is the world’s fifty largest financial center, hosting eighty thousand registered companies, over three quarters of the world’s hedge funds, and $1.9 trillion on deposit — four times as much as in all the banks in New York City.  And it has, at the time of writing, one cinema.

Chris F. Masse draws my attention to this forthcoming documentary on a whistleblower for financial and tax havens.   You will find reviews of the book here.  I found the quality patchy, but nonetheless it was a useful critique.  There is also a direct engagement with the pro-offshore arguments associated with Dan Mitchell (video).  As the fiscal crunch proceeds, these issues will move increasingly into the public eye.

By the way, on Bitcoin I’ve read through all the responses in the comments — some vitriolic against me — and I stand by my original arguments.


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