Am I in a Dutch novel?

Erik Voeten, who blogs at the excellent Monkey Cage, writes to me:

I recently read a novel by a well-known Dutch author (well-known in the Netherlands that is) called Arnon Grunberg. The novel is about a Dutchman who leaves his family and fiancee to teach economics at GMU. In the novel, one of the characters is a GMU professor called Elliot Hegel (no relative) who is “an economist with broad interests who also maintains a blog on which he writes about economics and culinary affairs. His hobby is Chinese food.”

Hegel is not a major character, perhaps his major act is to force the Dutch professor to eat pig ears, but I thought you would nonetheless be amused. The novel is called “Huid en haar.” I don’t think this one has been translated, although some of his earlier books were. Here is the NYT review of his debut novel:


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