Anadolu University

It’s in Eskisehir, central Anatolia, a long way from home.  And yet the campus looks remarkably like George Mason University.  It has about the same number of students, the same kind of suburban feel, the same kinds of sculptures and fountains scattered around campus, the buildings use steps in a similar way, the cars are parked in similar configurations, there is similar signage, and there are related styles of architecture for the buildings.  Here are some photos.  All in all, it is quite unheimlich.

Both schools have women wearing Islamic head scarves, slightly more here.  The Anadolu campus was designed by an economist, unlike George Mason, and the school is a leader in distance education.

I would describe Eskisehir as the Curitiba of Turkey.  I am told it used to be much worse.

Here is a good recent piece on Eskisehir.


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