Blogging the debt ceiling

At this point, what is there to say?  The Asian markets open soon.  The InTrade contract, which for some reason is defined around the end of August, is up somewhat today.  Who knows why?  Brad DeLong and Rortybomb wrestle with the question of how to respond to the credit rating agency vigilantes.

Calculated Risk surveys options.  Ezra Klein’s coverage continues to be very useful.  Keith Hennessey defends some version of a “Republican point of view.”

A Twitter search on “Boehner” yields good updates.  What else works?

Shortly I’m headed out for some food from Sierra Leone, we’ll see what I come back to.  I’m currently predicting a two-stage process, announced fairly soon, without the deal itself quite being there, but the confidence intervals on that call are pretty wide.

Via Michelle Dawson, here is an article on what happens to seven-footers after they retire from the NBA.


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