Labor markets in everything

It is good to see dynamism in at least one segment of the labor market, namely tanning concierges:

With his tousled brown hair and athletic frame, Anastasio resembles Tom Cruise, circa “Risky Business.” He politely introduces himself to guests when they arrive on the pool deck, 18 stories above SoHo. Guests decide whether they’d like the teen to gently tap them on the shoulder or send a text when it’s time to turn over.

“Most people like to be texted. It’s less invasive,” Anastasio said. The text comes every twenty to thirty minutes and simply says, “Turn Over.”

He earns $15 an hour, and the full story is here.  For the pointer I thank Adam Frey.


Thank goodness for free markets.
Wonder if he gets tips....

From the story: “Don’t forget to text me,” one of the women whispered to the 17-year-old, flashing him a coy smile. Anastasio colored slightly beneath his Wayfarer sunglasses. But he wouldn’t forget. Though it sounds like the setup for a 1980s sex comedy, it’s his job.

"text me"...1980s...that's a pretty weird anachronism. I'm surprised no one at the WSJ caught it.

If you have your phone, couldn't you just set an alarm?

Well, tanning is so 80s so I guess it fits from that perspective...

"He earns $15 an hour"

Obviously, we need more immigration to lower the cost of cabana boys.

It is just another sign that money does not equal intelligence.

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