Warren Samuels passes away

He was known to be a very fine man and a true and curious scholar.  Here is his Wikipedia page:

Warren Joseph Samuels, (born 1933, New York City, (died 2011, Gainesville, FL) was an American economist and historian of economic thought. He received a BBA from University of Miami, Miami, FL and obtained his Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin–Madison. After holding academic posts in the University of Missouri, Georgia State University, Atlanta, and University of Miami, he was appointed Professor of Economics in Michigan State University in 1968, where he stayed until his retirement in 1998.

Warren Samuels has made many extremely valuable contributions to the history of economic thought and the methodology of economics. His work has been inspired primarily by his “…interest in generating greater clarity as to the economic role of government both in the history of economic thought and in contemporary economics”.[1]

Here is his home page, and here he is on scholar.google.com.  I think of him as one of the economists who kept alive institutionalism, economic method, and history of thought as intellectually vital disciplines.

Addendum: Peter Boettke pens a fine appreciation.


Very sad. I am not sanguine on the future of economic method and the history of thought, as I am not aware of many young scholars in this area. I hope the work of Bruce Caldwell and his institute is enough to revitalize what in my view is an underappreciated part of economics. What you are thoughts on the future path for these areas? Are they there, but integrated into other parts of our discipline? Or are they increasingly becoming curious relics? Or something else?

He was a very fine person; I took History of Economic Thought from him at MSU in about 1983? He was extraordinarily well read and knowledgeable. I was prepared to slog through a dull course and he made it truly interesting. He was also very kind and warm.

Warren Samuels was a gentleman and a scholar. They do not make them like him very much anymore.

They? ....confused..
whatever, Warren Samuels is one of the people I loved.

A longer tribute to Warren is on my website, and I am logging there all the tributes to him (such as Tyler's!).

His scholarship and his generosity to young scholars are his legacy. The family has asked that donations be sent to the Warren J. and Sylvia J. Samuels Young Scholar Fund at the History of Economics Society.

warren samuels was my first cousin...although somewhat older then my sister and i...whenever we were in his company it was not his brilliance that impressed us but his ablity to make us laugh, always smiling...always thinking of wild and crazy things to entertain us.. i feel sad and so sorry that we did not spend more time with him.. we will miss him.

Warren was my oldest first cousin and my sister always loved the time we spent with him when
he was a young married man and father in Florida. He had a wonderful sense of humor and
easily made us all laugh with his zany antics. He was always fun to be around and although
we didn't see him often, the times we did were always entertaining and fondly remembered.
Our family will miss his laughter and zest for life!

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