Where is the Card and Krueger paper at?

Has it held up better than many people believe?  Here is a good and sure to prove controversial overview from Arindrajit Dube.  Excerpt:

Subsequent research that built on Myth and Measurement has found that while the sizeable positive effects in some of their specifications were likely due to chance, the lack of job loss was very much a robust finding. Card and Krueger’s own subsequent analysis in 2000 using Unemployment Insurance filings by firms (which was closer to the universe of firms in the two states than their original sample) over a longer period already moved towards this view, as the employment elasticities, while still positive, were smaller in magnitude and not statistically distinguishable from zero.(1) My own work with William Lester and Michael Reich (2010) demonstrated this point by comparing contiguous counties across state borders and pooling over 64 different border segments with minimum wage differences over a 17-year period (1990-2006).

There is also a lengthy discussion of whether Neumark and Wascher overturned the central Card and Krueger result.  Read the whole post.

Addendum: Tim Worstall comments.  Matt Yglesias comments.


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