*The Lives of the Novelists*

Here is a mini-review from today’s FT, from their best books of the year discussion:

Lives of the Novelists, by John Sutherland, Profile, RRP£30

The fruit of decades of reading and research, Sutherland’s quirky compendium offers selective mini-biographies of 294 English novelists including Jeffrey Archer but not, oddly, Lewis Carroll or PG Wodehouse. A witty and enjoyably wide-ranging work.

The book has a remarkable density of information, as virtually every sentence tries to teach you something.  I have never read a book quite like it, definitely recommended.


Nice to see Beryl Bainbridge and Patrick White are there. But why W.G. Sebald? He wrote in German. I think all the books I have by Sebald are ‘translated’.

It’s difficult to stop dipping in once you start. Great book. Thanks Tyler.

I love thick description.

I suspect that Archer has had a much more interesting life than Carroll or Plum. Of interest to the constabulary, anyway.

On the contrary, Lewis Carroll was allegedly pedophile. Maybe his life was worth the entire book.

"allegedly": pshaw.

No Wodehouse, No Sale.

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