Some new books in my pile

I am learning a good deal from Stephen Bainbridge’s Corporate Governance After the Financial Crisis:

There seems little doubt that the monitoring model has influenced board behavior.  In 1995, only one in eight CEOs [of those stepping down] was fired or resigned under board pressure.  By 2006, however, almost a third of CEOs were terminated involuntarily.  Over the last several decades, the average CEO tenure has decreased, which also has been attributed to more active board oversight.

I cannot say I am personally so interested in the topic of Ed Leamer’s The Craft of Economics: Lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin Framework, but he is a master of exposition for complex economic results and this book is no exception.

Daniel Hausman’s Preference, Value, Choice and Welfare reflects his characteristic intelligence and judgment and it should be read by anyone with an interest in economic methodology.

Johan van Overtveldt’s The End of the Euro is a very good book on the background leading up to the current euro crisis; also useful is David Marsh’s The Euro: The Battle for the New Global Currency.

I still think Michael Nielsen’s Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science is an important book on an important topic.


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