Assorted links

1. Via Robert Martinez, interview with Kevin Shields, on labor market hysteresis and other matters.  Excerpt:

I’ve got my own studio, just down the road from here. And in the ten years I’ve had it, I’ve only used it in three of them. The other seven years it’s been empty. I feel quite sad about that.

But I made a few big promises to myself when I was a kid, about 17. And so far I’ve managed to keep them. I was discovering all this great music, and I kept noticing this pattern of bands making great records and then tailing off. I thought “I don’t want to ever do that.” If for some reason I can’t make a great record, I won’t make a record at all. Because all you get is a little bit of money, which goes really fast anyway. It’s easier to do nothing and live on nothing than it is to do something and live on something when you’re running around compromising.

It’s better to do nothing than to do bad work.

KS: I think so. It’s like, being on the dole is better than being in a shit job, so long as you’ve got an interest in your life. Because if you’re in a shit job you don’t really have that much more money, and then after a few years your will to live begins to dissipate. The idea that it’s good to do stuff just for the sake of doing it, it’s a myth, I think. It’s a lie. It’s a very 80s concept – everything, everything being about productivity.

2. Romania vs. Rumania.


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