Euro auction markets in everything (a good start)

…an entire Tuscan village has gone up for sale on eBay.

Nestled among oaks at 850 metres altitude and blessed with stunning views over the Casentino valley, the medieval village of Pratariccia has stood empty for 50 years, ever since its population of farmers and shepherds abandoned their stone cottages for factory jobs during Italy‘s economic boom.

Now the owners of the remote village – reportedly a religious order – are seeking to cash in with an online sale.

“They tried and failed to sell the village through agencies for years but have got a lot of attention by putting Pratariccia on eBay and should get a result,” said Luca Santini, mayor of nearby Stia, who walked in the woods around the village as a child picking mushrooms.

There is more information here, hat tip goes to @grahamfarmelow.


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