Scotiabank vs. Tyler Cowen?

Maybe not:

Recently, in a movie theatre in downtown Toronto, the audience was suffering through the pre-movie ads when a familiar message from Scotiabank flashed on the screen: “You’re richer than you think.” That’s when one heckler loudly offered, “Not anymore!” and the theatre erupted in laughter. It turns out that was one of the tamer responses to the ad, which is playing to mocking audiences in Cineplex theatres across the country. In Vancouver, where condo prices are crashing, the ad has been met by obscenities and even the hurling of soft drinks.

And yet a shift is upon us:

In its latest batch of ads, the line appears buried underneath a much bigger block of text, featuring a brand new message that’s a little more recession-friendly: “Make the most of what you have.”

The full story is here, and for the pointer I thank Bill Wilcox.


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