qz.com, from the folks who bring you The Atlantic, great site I will follow it with interest.


nightmare layout.

I agree. Ugh.

Yeah, it's clearly designed solely with the iPad in mind (like the equally tragic new layout of all the Gawker sites).

The iPad is their stated primary primary medium, I can understand it sucking on a PC but on the iPad it's pretty fluid.

I thought the problem with the Gawker sites is that they are clearly designed with idiots in mind, but I guess that is just the content.

Hideous design. Obviously not built for people who consume information in a high-bandwidth mode. Similar to Gawker sites, which I stopped reading when they switched to stupid mode.

Perhaps this will be very successful and is what Joe iPhone wants.

I found it worthless.

I guess it's nice to see the ideas you popularize on MR a year later in the Atlantic.

I don't get it - where are the comments or rss feed? It's like one of those magazine websites from the early 2000s that didn't quite understand what medium it's on.

But with late 90s frame issues.

It was easy to decide about qz.com after reading this line - 'In both cases, what matters is emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America: the striving, proto-middle class “next billion” whose first impression of the internet is often that it seems to consist entirely of a site called Facebook.'

Talk about missing the point of the social networks used in other countries - it isn't as if 100 million Brasilians' first impression of a social network, much less the Internet, is Facebook. Or that there are a billion people just waiting to prop up a fairly obvious pump and dump scheme, ca. 1999.

I don't get it. Where is the content? While I may be a couple months out of date on some content rendering software, the fact that I get an empty web page bodes ill for whatever this domain is supposed to represent. I've tried a couple times in the last quarter day.

Conclusion: qz.com operators do not know how to reach a broad audience.

I tried to read but got, "This website uses technologies not supported by this browser. For the best experience please upgrade your browser." Uh, have these guys ever heard of "Explorer?"

I loaded up the site in both IE9 and Firefox 15. In both browsers, running on a high speed land line, the load time was much longer than normal. I would imagine that loading from an IPad over a wireless connection would be worse. The site is obviously not quite ready for prime time.

I just get a spinning circle.

Just hangs for me (IE 8).

The wording of this post, including an uncharacteristic run-on phrase ("great site I will follow it with interest"), combined with the hanging website, initially made me suspect that MR had been hacked, and that some nasty virus was busily infecting my PC.

I tried the website both yesterday and today. The site either just hangs, or features a completely white page with a vaguely spinning circle that seems to promise that something is about to happen....but it doesn't..

Buggy as hell on an android tablet, unable to actually read the thing I tried to because it kept changing between stories. Completely unable to scroll on an android phone.

Pretty terrible.

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initially this made the suspect that MR had been hacked, and that some nasty virus was busily infecting my PC.

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