Do you tip more on-line?

David Popkin writes to me:

I hope all is well. I was having a heated discussion and thought of you and your blog.

Do people tip more/less/same via online delivery services compared to phone orders where they pay cash?

Possible reasons for bigger tips on seamlessweb/online services

-tip disclosed before delivery=pressure to put up or deal with cold food

-credit card money less “real”

-no excuse of rounding (i.e. if $3 is norm, can’t escape it because you only have a $20 to pay the 17.75 order total)

Possible reasons for bigger tips in cash

-looking someone in the face

-poor math skills/rounding

-more willing to tip more after the fact based on speed etc.

I would be most interested to hear what the best and brightest have to say about this.


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