The french fry culture that is Japan

The supposed employee added that other customers had complained. The issue seems to have been that the French fry eating went on for three hours, with the group eating sixty orders of French fries. It looks like one table was used for the feeding frenzy, while the adjacent walkway was packed with their friends who watched. Basically, the supposed employee seemed most upset about the lack of courtesy on their part.

What’s more the supposed employee pointed out that sixty orders of French fries the roughly the equivalent of one home crate of frozen fries.

“Plus, during our restaurant’s busiest period, 11am to 2pm, there was no prior notice about such a large order [from you], and this impacted what food and what tables we could offer to other customers.” The supposed employee asked them to be aware of the time. Though, this McDonald’s really should have been more aware of what would happen when a group of kids order sixty large fries.

That’s not even the main point of the story, good photos too.

For the pointer I thank Michael Rosenwald.


Nice how the link goes first to an offline site - 'Our New York City data center is still offline thanks to Hurricane Sandy.' then to Kotaku's emergency broadcast system (can't keep a good geek down).

Which adds a small point to a longer held suspicion of mine - that this blog (much like Andrew Sullivan's before he was forced to reveal what was behind the curtain) is not actually the work of a couple of GMU profs having fun on the Internet, but is instead part of a larger effort, undoubtedly with the approval of the director of the Mercatus Center, which simply presents itself as a two man operation while hiding the actual mechanics of the operation as far out of sight as possible (like some of the recent claims that credit is not being given for linking - possibly because the person doing the posting is not the person that actually found the link?). Meaning that no one but the most cynical Internet user would even begin to think about such an utterly banal reality, where what is presented as a casual public face is instead a carefully constructed operation.

...the hell?


And I will add that this comment pretty much derailed all discussion about the actual story.

They've already said that they line up forward-timestamped posts in the past.

Even my research assistant does not help out here. It is a two-man operation, noting that a large number of "Assorted Links" come from readers who send them in.

I think you need to grasp the difference between cynicism and skepticism.

No. Skepticism and paranoia.

Be nice. There's a lot above the fold and in the comment section that is logically inconsistent to others. Connecting dots is an essential skill here, but you have to learn when to stop. Sleep helps.

To fully appreciate the brazenness of the operation, understand that the men behind the curtain flaunt their evil plans while throwing readers off the trail by inserting insane-sounding comments. Hiding in plain sight, as it were.

"Evil" is such an emotion-laden term. We prefer "alternatively ethically enabled".

What is passed off as humor here rarely passes for humor. I wish people got color coded bars when they were being serious. Wouldn't look all that different.

By that logic, you're clearly a composite character devised by the Koch Brothers to make left-wing blog commenters look like rambling paranoiacs.

You forgot the RAND Corporation and the reverse vampires.

Link to the article saved at the Google Cache:

Thank you; I got something totally unrelated at TC's link.

Pretty clear at this point that the blog is entirely funded and operated by the Idaho Potato Council in an attempt to push french fry consumption on an unsuspecting readership.

Everyone making fun of you here just proves you're onto something, right prior?

No, its only conservatives that make fun of him. Actually, most of us get one dollar from Koch for each anti-prior comment.

If you get a dollar a comment I am getting cheated. All they will give me is half cent a word. That is why I go on so. If they gave me a dollar a comment I would write more short posts.

That can't be the real prior_approval, there's nothing about how great Germany is.

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