My favorite films of 2012

Hollywood continues to collapse into mediocre tent pole franchises, but overall it has been a splendid year for movies.  Here were some of my favorites, noting that I count by “the year I saw them” and especially for foreign films this will not correspond so well to “the year of release”:

A Separation

Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (boring for most people, big screen only I suspect)

The Dictator

The Three Stooges

The Raid: Redemption (better Indonesian martial arts you will not see)

Your Sister’s Sister (Straussian)

Circo, Mexican circus movie

Take This Waltz

Beasts of the Southern Wild


Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry

Samsara (makes sense on a big screen only, I suspect)

Searching for Sugar Man

Day Night Day Night (from five years ago, but a real stunner, underrated and a wonderful study of Nudge of top of everything else)


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