*Madmen, Intellectuals, and Academic Scribblers*

That is a new and forthcoming book from Wayne A. Leighton and Edward L. Lopez, and the subtitle is The Economic Engine of Political Change.  Here is my blurb:

Ideas matter. Madmen, with its engaging stories, is perfect for anyone interested in public policy, or how our world could be a better place. Read it, and assign it to your class.


No kindle edition?

And it's expensive. . .

Had a good opening paragraph but looks like a routine synthesis of game theory, watered down in easy to understand prose.

I know, right? You'd think there was a stagnation on or something.

Sounds Marxian. Inverse A&R.

No review?

Thanks, Tyler.

Kindle edition is forthcoming soon. I'm not sure why Amazon isn't discounting the price. "Expensive" is curious for under 30 bucks, hardcover, academic press -- even these days.

As for compare/contrast with Acemoglu & Robinson, our main focus is how ideas influence institutional arrangements. Our argument is rooted in public choice, which A&R hold at arm's length. Ultimately we explain how new ideas must do battle with the status quo, in particular existing political interests and prevailing ways of thinking. Only when these are defeated will policymakers have the incentive to change the rules. The key to the process is a form of entrepreneurship that needs to be clearly explored, discussed, etc. I hope you all have a look and continue the discussion...


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