Questions that are rarely asked (development economics and anarchism)

From Chris Blattman:

Sympathetic readers, I am curious: What would be on your anarchist development reading list?

Blattman mentions the works of James C. Scott, which I would second.  There are some papers by Peter Leeson, including his treatment of Somalia, and related suggestions from Boettke here including links to the Leeson papers and also to Claudia Williamson.

Jane Jacobs.  Spencer McCallum.  Donald Lavoie’s National Economic Planning: What is Left?.  David Friedman on Iceland, and Joseph Peden on medieval Ireland.  Proudhon, and the Eric Frank Russell version of left anarchism, as found in The Great Explosion.  Auberon Herbert and Gustav de Molinari.  Kropotkin on mutual aid.  Proudhon and also ChomskyKarl Hess and Kirkpatrick Sale.  And don’t forget Red Sun: Travels in Naxalite Country.

Surely I am forgetting a great deal.


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