The FT does Lunch with Tyler Cowen

I thought John McDermott did an excellent job, here was one part I liked:

There is no doubt Cowen is ruthlessly and admirably efficient; an infovore. I suggest he’s also, however, “phenomenally smart”. “I don’t know what that means,” he says. “I mean, I can absorb a lot of information about basketball. I like basketball but I’m not like being smart about it.” And then he’s off again … “Sports is remarkably cognitive. I think it’s underrated just how smart it is. Actually, if I had more time, I would spend more time with sports. Watching it, reading about it, I think it’s oddly underrated.”

The rest of the chat covers food, economics, the future of technology, my life history, and some other matters too.  I also liked this sentence:

He looks up and breaks the news: “They don’t have any food.”

The interview took place on the hottest day in Virginia history.  And please note that when I refer to the Free Democrats of Germany, I don’t mean the party circa 2012.


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