The culture that is New Zealand auction markets in everything

A spurned New Zealand woman sold the secret locations to her ex-boyfriend’s favorite fishing spots, netting $3,000, which she then spent on herself.

Here is more, and for the pointer I thank Daniel Lippman.


A further example of "hell hath no fury like a New Zealand woman scorned" - albeit contrived as an ad-campaign for the magazine NZ Girls.

It makes me laugh that we pretend to believe in gender equality while making excuses for typically female behavior we would never tolerate in men.

Would we be talking about a piece about scorned Kiwi ex-boyfriends lashing out? Nah.

Hmm. So where does the phrase "boys will be boys" come from. I am fond of the adult version too..."everyone knows he's a jerk, why do you let him bother you." Not condoning spiteful or immature behavior, just pointing out it's not gender specific.

Men are expendable, women are perishable.

Most of the Kiwi women I have known have been completely and utterly insane.

I am afraid that is a quality that I find distressingly alluring...

(Some girls/ladies like "bad boys"; some boys/men like, erm, difficult women.)

Crazy does not equal asshole. There are definitely men who are strongly attracted to crazy women. I've never heard of a woman who had a thing for crazy men.

Of course, I have no idea if this woman did it because she's crazy, an asshole, or if she was legitimately provoked. Trying to get some money after he ran off, stealing your stuff, and presumably wouldn't need the locations anymore since he was in another country doesn't sound that bad.

Depends on what is meant by "crazy." Schizophrenics aren't considered good catches by either gender, but a brooding manic-depressive can be seen as that ever-so-alluring bad boy. But yeah, it's definitely one of those "revealed preference" things.

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