Interesting papers on higher education

As recommended by the excellent Kevin Lewis, find them here, a round-up of recent research.

For the pointer I thank Rob Raffety.


Excellent collection of papers, though most are not on higher ed. There is an ungated version of the revealed preference rankings via Google Scholar for anyone interested. I went to a better school than I thought!

Right, I thought the revealed preference paper sounded familiar, it had been an NBER working paper back in 2004:

Strange that it took so long to get published.

So what are we supposed to do, in the context of our vaunted individualistic-voucher-esque higher-ed aid, to encourage the universities to change their recruiting practices? If we instead had *institution*-based higher-ed aid we could make it contingent on their searching properly for the high-achieving low-income students. But of course we're not supposed to "need" that sort of top-down intervention because students are rational with perfect information and will apply to the right places if only we give them enough tuition grants.

I think recruiting practices will change with on-line "teaser" education.

Students of all income classes will be able to take on-line video classes from the institutions they are considering. Compare a CalTech to an MIT calc class to a Stanford class or your own state university.

Recruitment might work in reverse, too: students performing well on an online or Coursera course might be the ones colleges will try to recruit, knowing that they have the capacity to handle higher level work.

Education institutions should stop worrying about rich and poor. Start focusing on the middle class. Their the ones footing the huge tuition bills. No pity for middle class students and their parents. People are blowing their 401(k) and retirement money to educate their kids. And tuition keeps going up as the government supplies the funds for more bureaucrats and patronage workers. And the public unions kick back the money to the politicians. Corrupt beyond reformation.

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