Hollywood markets in everything

 The Quality Cafe doesn’t even function as a real diner anymore. It stopped serving meals in 2006, but it’s been doing pretty well for itself as a film location over the past few decades … So now you know: If you ever get the feeling that all the diners used in Hollywood movies look the same, that’s because they probably are.

There is more here.  And from elsewhere, here is a market in a feline lap surrogate.  And here is how to keep your kid’s gaming down.


Cracked.com is one of the better sites on the internets, more people should just link directly to it.

My first thought was the same as Roy's; why give Sullivan the traffic, when Cracked did all the legwork? And I've also noticed something of a Cracked revival of late; I had only distant memories of it from childhood as being the slightly less funny and less cool cousin to Mag mag, but it's obviously reinventing itself as an interweb contender (or maybe someone just bought the brand/name).

Re: lap cat. Those are about the same hours my cat wants to destroy my productivity, on cool mornings! But I don't have near the patience as the person who posted that ad.

It's not the only diner like that.


Yeah, I was going to mention exactly that diner. Having lived in LA for almost 25 years, and given its very prominent location at the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire (two of the most prominent LA streets of all, granted in LA it's the freeways that matter not the streets), most Angelenos have driven by that place many many times -- and I'd noticed that it seemed to serve as a filming location a lot more than it seemed to serve food. I guess the Quality Cafe has had more filming done, but it's in a relatively obscure corner of the city, San Pedro.

Wikipedia also has an article about Johnnie's:

That article says that a scene from Reservoir Dogs was fillmed at Johnnie's, which I had not realized. The diner that I did recognize was where the famous opening scene, where Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink debated the merits of tipping waitresses: Pat and Lorraine's, which is still a breakfast-and-lunch diner just a couple of blocks from Occidental College. It's located right next to the neighborhood of Highland Park, where much of the movie was filmed: http://www.movie-locations.com/movies/r/reservoir.html

what's the diner in the blob?

With the father hiring the in-game assassin, that strongly reminded me of this episode of South Park: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_Love,_Not_Warcraft

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