Cypriot vending machine markets in everything?

I don’t think this is a joke, and it is only a plan, and not a mainstream business project, in any case my apologies if I have been tricked by an early April Fool’s joke:

Upon examination of the marketplace and many discussions with Justin O’Connell (TDV Newsletter & Gold Silver Bitcoin), as well as another key strategic partner of ours, I have decided to move forward with what I believe could be the next multi-billion dollar business venture: Bitcoin ATM.

But that isn’t all. It is wholly our intention at Bitcoin ATM to put the company in the right position to open its very first ATM in Cyprus. If we did this now, and we are moving quickly to make this so, we would be the only functioning ATM on the island.

That is from “The Dollar Vigilante,” hat tip goes to Mike K.


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