Sentences about Albert Hirschman

Concerns about Hirschman’s disloyalty led to his “exit” from the government.

That is from Worldly Philosopher, the new and excellent bio of Hirschman.  Individuals vouching for Hirschman’s loyalty to the United States included Alexander Gerschenkron and Thomas Schelling.

Here is Arnold Kling on the book, which I still very much like.


I'd like to hear more about Arnold's Father.

My copy of "Worldly Philosopher" just arrived on my doorstep ... this huge tome will be my Easter-break reading

How long is your Easter break!?

Alas, my break is way too short (just yesterday and today, plus the weekend), as I am back in the classroom on Monday, but I have already read the first five chapters of Adelman's tender biography of Hirschman (admittedly, I still have a long way to go). Thus far, I have especially delighted in Hirschman's friendship with Eugenio Corsini, his underground activities in Marseilles after the fall of France, and his preference for "petite idees" over grand theories -- in short, this biography is a good read and I am thankful to TC for recommending it (makes me forgive his admiration of Wolfers and Oster)

Update: am now up to chapter 14 ... am non-plussed by most of Hirschman's work on development economics (his conclusions in this domain are untestable and unfalsifiable), though his "Hiding Hand" metaphor is intriguing (given my Tullockian instincts, I imagine deception plays a large role in development projects and other government projects) ... also, I appreciate Hirschman's critique of intellectuals and loved the Chilean phone book story on pp. 412-413

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