A new economics blog (self-recommending)

As reported from Kids Prefer Cheese:

Me and Mrs. Angus have decided to get bloggy about development, growth & macro over at a new site, Cherokee Gothic. You can read about why it’s called that here. While it will mostly be us, we hope to enlist other OU faculty to contribute to the site as well.

I’ll still be blogging here with Mungo at KPC, bringing the crazy like nobody’s business, but please check us out, follow us, put us in your blogroll, and just generally show us some mad blogosphere love.


Tearing the blogosphere a new Angus!

LOLZ, best use of Angus in a sentence ever!

On the topic of new sites, there is also a fairly new website collecting essays which may be of interest to free market economics types
http://www.PoliticsDebunked.com with a blog here: http://blog.politicsdebunked.com
e.g. very simple analysis easily replicated showing that usually the faster government spending grows, the slower the private economy grows. Updates of the GAO long term US debt forecasts to include the results of papers that indicate higher debt levels will slow GDP growth.. increasing debt, and high debt levels potentially increasing interest rates. Information on how crony capitalism drives up healthcare prices including things not seen elsewhere like the trick behind Medical Loss Ratios in Obamcare, etc.

YEAH!!! That is excellent... I am so happy to see another blog about growth and macro. How can I subscribe?
Blogging is a labor of love. I was up until 5am last night writing my post for the day. Will you be more sane about your posting? Do you have a focus? Latin America? Africa? Theory? Growth models?..
Here is the post I wrote last night about extending the understanding of the Solow-Swan growth model using my equation for effective demand... I look forward to sharing ideas with you.

Remind me again why we need another development economics blog ?

Prof Cowen, love you blog but enough already with the term "self-recommending." It makes no sense. Otherwise, thanks for everything!

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