There is no great rent-seeking stagnation

An enterprising young French man, however, has solved the problems of anyone who has encountered a malfunctioning vending machine by inventing a robot that can go inside one and ‘steal’ any item.

Here is the link, which offers a video in French and some unnecessary noise if you click on it.

For the pointer I thank the excellent Mark Thorson.


Easily the best 'No TGS' post ever.

Tyler Cowen does his best work at night, like I do. It's 2:04 AM where he is now, and he's speed reading something while I type this, 12 hours away in the Philippines (I just woke up).

Yeah, it's up there.

Rapsberry Pi and robotics toys developers had in mind guys like him as objective. Children and young adults play with these toys, eventually they get into the engineering at university level. They learn elements of mechanism, power electronics and the differential equations & numerical methods needed to handle them. Later, they produce real stuff like assembly lines =)

Nice narrative, as it if were easy to accomplish.

"in French and some unnecessary noise." Redundant, perhaps?

"There is no great rent-seeking stagnation"

Well that's certainly good to know, but if I open my eyes I see the banks and then I see corporate farmers and then I see military contractors and then I see crazy medical bills and then I see congressman and senators...

But I know and you know "There is no great rent-seeking stagnation"

Every morning more astonishing stories. This morning there is this:

A story about otherwise deficit hawks pushing for military spending that the military does not want. I do not understand how these people can look themselves in the mirror in the morning. Austerity for thee, but not for me!

I guess Tyler really meant "There is no great stagnation for rent seekers!"

What I do not understand is why no one cares about the rent seekers carting away the wealth of America.

Is that robot engaged in rent-seeking or outright theft? Oh, sorry, same thing!

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