The economics of Indian cows and globalized cow patronage

The cow’s status as a sacred being in Hinduism is increasingly being threatened as more wealthy Indians, even Hindus, are turning carnivorous, as Gardiner Harris of The New York Times recently reported. Meanwhile, the increasing demand for beef is driving gangs to steal cows that are wandering around Delhi so that the animals can be sold to slaughterhouses.

Still, cows have plenty of protectors in India, and even beyond its borders. Thousands of miles away, Indian citizens living in the United States regularly send money to cow shelters in India like Mataji Gaushala, located in Barsana, near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Mataji Gaushala is one of the biggest cow shelters in northern India, spread over 42 acres. It houses 20,000 cows, most of them old and no longer providing milk. Brijinder Sharma, manager of Mataji Gaushala, said the shelter’s objective is to let the animals live a natural life and die from natural causes.

Subhash Puri, 69, a civil engineer who retired from the American government in 2011, lives in Laurel, Maryland, but sends money, after collecting it from other Indian patrons, and visits Mataji Gaushala often, spending four to six months out of the year.

“The cow is our mother,” he said. “It is our duty to give them a dignified life. We try to save them from the slaughterhouses.”

Mr. Puri said Indians in the United States who support the shelter include doctors, engineers and IT professionals. “They give new ideas to run the place,” he said.

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Isn't India the largest cattle exporter?

"spread over 42 acres. It houses 20,000 cows"

I laughed till the snot came out my nose.

" the shelter’s objective is to let the animals live a natural life and die from natural causes"

Yes, a natural life in an area approximately 9ft x 10ft (3m x 3m). Imagine a typical quarter-acre suburban lot, with 120 cows on it.

Imagine each cow producing 120 pounds of cow manure per day, or 14,400 pounds of cow shit on your lot every single day.

120 pounds? From where did you pull that figure?

This data sheet (with highly amusing illustration) suggests it is a massive overestimate.

So it's only fifty pounds per cow per day. Twenty thousand cows and you have roughly a million pounds of food and water going in every day and a million pounds of manure (including urine) coming out - all on 42 acres. Plus if we assume that you have twenty thousand cows who each live for an average of five years in this retirement home you will have an average of eleven dead cows to pull out and dispose of every day.

I assume that someone is scamming someone here. Bet most of those cows wind up as ground beef in China or pet food in America.

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Maybe the Indians have come up with the same solution.

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400-500 cows on 42 acres with on-site composting and a manure energy plant.

Not quite the shithole y'all were making it out to be.

Good to see the racists out in force though.

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