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Hundreds of police eventually cordoned off the school and the local government conceded that “exam supervision had been too strict and some students did not take it well”.

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best line of the article:

"Outside, an angry mob of more than 2,000 people had gathered to vent its rage, smashing cars and chanting: 'We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat.'"

I had the same chuckle too. Then I realized that people tend to assume others are generally doing what they are, and it dawned on me that they may have a point, or at least the rationale was oddly valid: If everyone else is cheating, it just makes it a realistic choice to cheat too.

They may be wrong or right, but the point of view (bad guys assume everyone's bad, good guys often do the opposite) is rather human.

Is that how Asians scores are rapidly rising relative to Whites in SAT, GRE, ACT? Does that mean all those PISA scores are nothing but fraud? this is not left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is war against White people.

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Introspectively, I think that same viewpoint is increasingly common in the U.S. I admit to increasingly believe those often those that succeed the most are playing by a different set of rules.

In many ways, cheating in the U.S. is worse than in China even if it is not more widespread. Most people believe that cheating on meaningful tests is confined to a few lazy people who are cut corners. In reality, highly competitive people who study a lot and work hard are as likely to cheat precisely because they are so competitive (see Lance Armstrong). Because cheating is not perceived to be a major problem, security on U.S. tests (SAT, MCAT, LSAT and GMAT) is extremely poor. Cheaters prosper more in the U.S., because most people naively think cheating is negligible.

It's the same people cheating in the US. Yes, they do game the system, systematically.

I sometimes wonder how long it will take for the reality of cheating, stealing, and fabrication underlying many developing country "degrees" and "research" to seep into employer and academic consciousness in the US/Europe. Or, alternatively, if that doesn't happen, whether they'll perhaps carry it through to the logical conclusion and drop the pretense of being pristinely credentialed and meritocratic. Or neither, and just an ongoing sh** show.

I was once a test prep tutor for a large test prep company. One day my boss asked me to prepare to tutor for the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). I had never tutored for the TOEFL, and I wondered why the company did not get someone who was more familiar with the test to do it. My boss told me that, because cheating was so easy and widespread on the TOEFL, the company had few requests for TOEFL tutors. Any requests that it did have were handled on a one-off basis.

After paying, the student who had requested a tutor decided that she did not really need a tutor after all, so I never did actually tutor her. I am guessing she figured that cheating was probably the best way to go.

How to you prevent substitute test-taking when everyone looks the same?

The biggest change in test score averages in the 41 years I've been following academic test statistics is that in the 21st Century, Asian-Americans have been leaving whites (and everybody else) in the dust. Here's a graph of ACT scores, for example:

I haven't seen any studies of why this sizable racial gap has opened up. Any suggestions?

asian americans are as similar to asians as white americans are to asians.

A large fraction of Asian-Americans are immigrants or children of immigrants, typically affluent enough to vacation with their relatives in the old country. Is terribly improbable that old country norms regarding cheating on tests don't have some influence in this country, especially considering the lax, trusting security that has been traditional around testing in America?

There was a significant acceleration in the rate of Asian immigration to the US beginning in the mid to late-1980s. With this, the demographics of Asian-Americans shifted towards those who were better educated professionals in their home countries and international students staying on to work and live. Quite a lot of the earlier waves of immigration were labourers and farmers. Likewise, those who came earlier were systematically disadvantaged by pre-civil rights era racism. A significant fraction of the students recently taking ACTs would be the children of the most recent immigrants that started off from a better base and were not as systematically disadvantaged.

I took a quick look to see what data are available, but didn't come up with anything sufficiently easy to analyze to bother for a blog comment, so this is mostly speculative. Yet my guess is that the individual students haven't improved so much as the composition of the group labeled Asian has evolved.

I think lumping all Asian Americans together is a mistake. I read a report before that while Chinese and Japanese Americans score very highly, Vietnamese are below average. If you have lots of $100k+/year salary earners emigrating to the US, it's not surprising that they would score highly. Do test takers from wealthy Chinese American families perform categorically better than those from wealthy white families?

My wife stopped teaching at a Los Angeles area community college in part due to frustration over the way her Chinese students openly and repeatedly cheated. In her own graduate classes, she found the same thing with students from mainland China, and could barely contain her frustration. She knew they weren't the only ones who cheated, but they were so open about it, literally exchanging answers in Chinese while sitting in the back of the class. In the classes my wife taught, she found if she gave pop quizzes and impromptu essays many of them would just drop the class, even though they had perfect scores on the extensive homework and standard exams. Her best friend in her grad program was from mainland China, and confirmed that to succeed in China's schools cheating was as standard as those protesting parents in this article were chanting about.

Shame culture vs guilt culture. In the shame culture, cheating is only bad when you get caught.

I used to work with Chinese students who were looking to get into US universities, and it was a universal (appalling) belief that if they didn't lie on their resumes and forge transcripts, they had no chance of competing with other international students for the same university spots (since they're all cheaters too). There are many companies in China that will gladly write your personal statement and college essays for you as well, and advertise this service openly on their websites and brochures. I blame it mostly on the foreign universities for not being more rigorous in their application evaluations. Of course, the Chinese money is too good to turn down.

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