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Rahul writes:

Just for the heck of it, I tried an alternative list:

1. Ramp up drastically the training output of new doctors and nurses: More med schools, larger intakes per school, elimination of 4 years of pre-med university etc. More med school student scholarships and subsidies?

2.Massively expand other lower tiers of the medical system: Physicians assistants, Nurse Practitioners etc.

3. Liberalize drug imports both commercial and personal. Allow direct import of any FDA-licensed drug sold in equivalent nations (western EU / Canada etc.). Mostly ignore Big Pharma’s opinions in this context.

4. Fully recognize all medical degrees from similarly developed nations (e.g. Canada / UK / Japan / Australia etc.) to the point that doctors from these nations can register and practice almost instantly in the US. Provide an almost limitless immigration quota for doctors from western nations. Even better, aggressively recruit doctors from abroad. Mostly ignore APA’s opinions in this context.

5. Allow and encourage Medicare / Insurance procedures to be carried out abroad where cheaper locales (Mexico? Canada? Argentina? ) exist. Incentivize recipients using these options. Premium rebates? Encourage private insurers to offer plans that economize on major procedures by treating abroad.


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