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Tyler Cowan [sic] wishes he could be teleported to Kansas or Korea or the moon to live in a Gucci-free egalitopia.

That is from George Gilder’s new Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing Our World. reviewed by Arnold Kling here.

Now that is a claim I would be willing to bet on.


So he really spelled your name wrong in the book?

Perhaps delibrately.

Do you have any interesting opinions about Gucci?

We've got to get rid of it. No room for it on the moon.

Now this is the kind of vitriolic exterminationist rhetoric I read the MR comments for! Bravo.

I grew up in Kansas. They sell Gucci there. Or, possibly just Gucci knock-offs.

I think he's got you mixed up with Robin Hanson?

Which side of the bet?

If your dream is to live in Kansas or Korea all you have to do is click your heels three times - and call your travel agent.

Travel agents still exist?

Yes. You need to get out more.


Yes. Recently I even became the boss of a Travel agency. Some people I know have even booked flights through there. But I didn't - they were closed, so I had to book online.

Who's up for making a @TylerCowan twitter account? I'm thinking nothing but anti-Gucci, pro-Kansas propaganda and in-depth reviews of local McDonalds locations for tweets.

Korea Gucci-free? Yes, but only b/c it's been washed away by the tidal wave of Prada and Louis Vutton.

That charlatan is still around?

There is a LOT of Gucci in Korea-both genuine and fake.
Of Korea,Kansas and Moon,food is a none-of-the above.
Try Chengdu,instead!

I agree with CD and Brad DeLong - this guy is a real crank, not sure why he is taken seriously by people like Kling, who should know better. Any of his former subscribers know the problems with taking his analysis seriously.

Since he misspelled your name, he obviously has the wrong person.

I assumed Tyler had beef with famous rapper Gucci Mane, who wouldn't be caught dead in Kansas.

What's wrong with Gucci? Oh, I forgot, Tyler likes Dockers ...

Gucci and Dockers compete?

No, Gucci does not make XXX-L sizes.

"... teleported to Kansas or Korea or the moon to live in ..."

Meaning that all other reasons for wanting to be teleported to any other place would be inframarginal?

I've lived in Kansas and Korea. Pick Korea.


But the Korean women love Gucci

He'd only be content on the moon if it had tacky-decor restaurants in soulless suburban strip malls.

Well to be fair the term "Lunar" could be used to describe Tyler Cowen's preferred locales - I believe he once praised Brasillia on this blog, and yeah not to mention his penchant for stripmalls.

A... "Gucci-free" "egalitopia"?

What are you all smoking?

Are you sure there isn't a guy named Tyler Cowan?

The real Tyler Cowan:

Why did he say "teleport?" Kansas and Korea are easily accessible without teleporting. Admittedly, it's harder to get to the moon. But you only need 1960s technology, not technology that hasn't been invented. Is he saying you're so impatient that you couldn't tolerate the length of a flight to Kansas? Or maybe since it's a "wish" he figures you can ask for anything? But if you could wish for ANYTHING, wouldn't you wish for the whole world to become an "egalitopia?"

I've lost more money following Gilder's investment advice than I have following Cowen's.

Here is Egalitopia:
Everyone can deliver checkmate with Bishop+Knight in Egalitopia.

Staircase wit: that was "E-Gal" -itopia.

There should be an updated term for this using Latin or Greek for "post-clicking-send", in place of the 18th-Century French staircase.

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