Incentive compatibility of food and drink

Authorities in the eastern Indian state of Bihar have ordered headteachers to taste all school lunches before they are served after 23 schoolchildren died eating a lunch contaminated with pesticide.

Amarjeet Sinha, the top official in the local education department, told reporters that cooking oil used at the school in Chapra District, 40 miles from the Bihar state capital of Patna, had been stored in or near a container previous filled with pesticide.

Sinha said notices published on Thursday morning in local newspapers ordering headteachers to taste food and to ensure safe storage of ingredients would “dispel any fear in [children’s] minds that the foods are unsafe.”

Children across Bihar, one of the poorest states in India, have been refusing to eat free school lunches since the incident on Tuesday.

It remains to be seen if this will in any way prove effective.  The rest of the story is here, via Joss Delage.  I am pleased, by the way, to have arrived in Bangalore.


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