Chinese insurance markets in everything

People in 41 cities in China can insure their enjoyment of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival from Monday.

An internet-based insurance product was launched by Taobao Insurance under the Alibaba Group, China’s largest online shopping platform, together with Allianz China General Insurance Company.

Internet users can insure themselves against inconveniences during their moon gazing at the Mid-Autumn Festival, and will be paid off if they cannot see the moon because of poor weather on the day.

Residents of cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen can pay a premium of 20 yuan (US$3.24) and receive 50 yuan (US$8) from the insurer if they cannot see the moon.

People living in 41 cities of China, including the three cities above and the country’s capital of Beijing, can pay a premium of 99 yuan (US$16) and receive 188 yuan (US$31) if they fail to see the moon through poor weather. Everyone who purchases the insurance will get a box of mooncakes as well.

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