Testing labor quality without degrees and credit hours

Quite possibly this could be a more significant development — for the United States at least — than on-line education:

Testing firms are offering new ways to measure what students learn in college. Their next generation of assessments is billed as an add-on – rather than a replacement – to the college degree. But the tests also give graduates something besides a transcript to send to a potential employer.

The latest arrival of the bunch will be a revised version of the Collegiate Learning Assessment, dubbed the CLA+, which the Council for Aid to Education is rolling out this fall. The new test, which is the CLA’s first upgrade in a decade, includes a work readiness component and more student-level data.

Earlier this year the Educational Testing Service (ETS) introduced two new electronic certificates for student learning. And ACT Inc. continues to develop its WorkKeys skills assessment system.

There is more here.  In the longer run, what happens when a student shows up with a good score but no degree?


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